In Search of Maomer

Session 1: A Human, Elf, and Dragonborn Walk into a Tavern... [4-7-15]

Three young heroes—Orsi-Dunler, a dragonborn barbarian; Galindann Nailo, an elven rogue; and Geth Helder, a human fighter—are traveling together for one purpose: get revenge against a warlock by the name of Maomer. Over fifteen years ago, Maomer ravaged Orsi’s home town, destroyed the orphanage he was staying in, and left little of the town standing in his wake.

Their travels has led them up into the Kirthar Mountains and into the small dwarven settlement of Norbarrow. Here they hope to get some rest from their weary travels as well as find some information about Maomer’s whereabouts.

They stumble upon a strange establishment by the name of The Rumpy Boar. Here they are met with strange and even a few menacing looks from the dwarven patrons. They also meet a drunken dwarven wizard by the name of 2Pak. The three ask 2Pak and his mother and father that own the establishment what they know about Maomer. Unable to supply much information, 6Pak (2Pak’s father) does tell them that he may be able to get them into the dwarven stronghold of Stonehaven, where they may know more about the warlock Maomer.

However, such a favor comes with a price. A well known dwarven brewer, 6Pak explains how a recent shipment of ingredients was hijacked. The horse was slaughtered, and something let out a wild laugh as the delivery person fled. Their mission is to find out who or what took off with the shipment and get it back. If they do, 6Pak will supply them with a writ of honor in order to allow them passage into the underground city of Stonehaven.

2Pak’s parents decide it would be best if their son led the three up into the mountains. After a night’s rest, they head out and travel along the mountain paths until they come across the smashed cart. They quickly realize that whatever did this damage must have been massive.

With a bit of smart tracking, the group follows a trail further northwest, leading into a clearing. Here they discover a small band of goblins waiting in the distance to ambush them. They manage to sneak around to where the goblins are hiding and get the jump on them. After a rough battle, they best the four goblins, take their few belongings, and take a short rest before continuing on their way.



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