In Search of Maomer

Session 2: A Gut-Wrenching Experience [4-14-15]

Having rested from their fight with the goblins, the four travelers continued up the path, leading them to a clearing and cave opening. Here they found two goblins guarding the entrance of the cave. Able to understand the ramblings of their goblin tongue, 2Pak could discern they were arguing. While distracted with chatting at one another, Nailo managed to sneak up and get the jump on the two.

As the fight began, one of the goblins shouted, gaining the attention of the beast responsible for killing the horse pulling 6Pak‘s supply cart. The creature, a worg that they later learn is named Fluffy, gives the four an opportunity to turn back before it’s too late. They try to calm him and even offer a chance for it to change sides.

However, even 2Pak’s ability to communicate with the creature was not enough to sway it to betray its master. A hard-fought battle then ensued, leading to the death of Fluffy.

A grumbling noise from within the cave called out, and with some amazing luck (and a good roll), 2Pak managed to mimic Fluffy’s voice and keep the sleepy resident inside his home. While they debated their next move, Geth removed the teeth of the worg just in case they needed proof of their actions.

Nailo then snuck inside the cave, which he fought to be most repugnant and smelling “like a gym locker room” or more poetically “farts.” Inside on a shotty bed was a slumbering half-ogre that they would soon find out called himself, fittingly, Gutwrench.

Nailo proved his family name proud in his stealthing abilities; however, strength was an issue as he tried to carry one of the crates out of the cave and accidentally dropped it. The noise awoke Gutwrench, who prepared himself for battle. The group tried to persuade him to just give up the goods, but the combination of the half-ogre’s anger at Fluffy’s death and his own greed were too great. This resulted in a quick fight where Gutwrench fell to the might of the four adventurers.



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