In Search of Maomer

Session 4

City Life

After the party has regrouped in the city abd began to get their bearings with the help of a local guide, Orsaii is suddenly replaced by Nailo- which he explains was a mishap in the teleportation spell (The mage who had helped Nailo accidentally switched the two instead of teleporting Nailo to Orsaii).
Akita and Geth go forward to talk to one of the leaders of the local leading clans, whom along with other leaders is giving speeches. While the rest of the party waits, Nailo is introduced to the new members of the party and a small priestly woman approaches and offers them a boarding at a local temple. At this time Geth and Akita return with the news that the dwarven king is deathly ill and must decide a successor from the leader of clans. “Scribe” also appears to record each party member, but “overlooks” Nailo.
The party proceeds to follow the priestly woman towards the temple (she appears to be floating as she walks), and they meet the leader, whom welcomes them and treats for dinner and asks of their troubles. They tell him that they are searching for Maomer Brutly, and a newcomer also asks tonidentify the family of his fallen comrade’s axe. In return, the party agrees to retrieve a holy relic from a very old and abandoned mine, which was lost in a battle with powerful demons. They rest the night and prepare to depart the next day with their miner guide Garret, from the mining clan, and Geth finds the scribe rifling through his items at night. The scribe believes a dagger Geth had forgotten about in his pack is magical, and Geth allows him to take it to investigate. Nailo tries to go and scout the mines but is quickly seen by guards and sent back to the temple.



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