In Search of Maomer

Session 5

A battle in the mines

The party departs into the mines in the morning, after meeting and breakfasting with Garret. Their descent into the mines takes at least half a day, and after a long while eventually Garret becomes unsure which way to go at a fork in the path. They decide to take the left path, and 2Pak hears some demons talking (saying fart jokes) and Nailo sneaks ahead. Inside the chamber, Nailo sees 5 demons, a fire, and nothing else of note. He reports back, advising to ignore the group, but the party decides to attack anyways. The combat goes without incident, until the last demon remains. 2Pak interrogated it, and finds that it (with its comprehension levels of an articulate puppy) agrees to show them its boss and the “shiny”. After a brisk walk, the party finds themselves in another,yet larger, open chamber with nothing much more than a ziggurat in the middle. 2Pak warns to progress cautiously and Geth, offended, runs up and picks up a coinlike item atop the structure. Although Nailo and another party member notice a strange mist forming behind Geth, they cannot warn Geth in time before he is punched through the heart, falling pitifully down the stairs of the structure, dead before hitting the ground. A fierce battle begins, and the party quickly realizes this Shadow Demon is resistant to any magic type they throw at it. Nailo, instead of combatting, sneaks around the demon and retrieves the coin, running away after advising 2Pak to do the same. After a party member falls and much fighting, the shadow demon escapes by climbing up the wall.



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