In Search of Maomer

Session 6

No Rest for the Wicked

Nailo, unable to find his way back to the city is quickly lost in the mines. Meanwhile, the rest of the party holds a funeral for Geth (2Pak crying in the corner whilst Jeffery consoles him). 2Pak whispers something in Geth’s ear (which he forgets as he soon drowns his sorrow in alcohol) and Akita gently pats Geth’s stomach. Geth is cremated after the party takes his items, and they make their way back. Luckily, they regroup with Nailo on the way.
When they arrive back at the temple they are welcomed graciously. Thr priestess Camila goes to retrieve the priest, and meanwhile the party encounter an elderly orc. After sone awkward conversations and a handful of "dearie"s, the priest is retrieved. Information is exchanged on the whereabouts of Maomer, and the family of the fallen comrade gives some gifts as thanks for returning the weapon. The priestess notices a party member is missing, and the party explains Geth’s death. Although the priest is not sure, he believes that Maomer may be the cause of some disturbances originating from an abandoned village to the northeast. The party upholds their part of the bargain and gives back the holy item, and they join together to sup.The head priest, after told about the demons and that the shadow demon was not slain, tels the party to keep quiet on these “dwarven matters”. Each member departs to their room, and the night passes without incident. At some time in the morning, Nailo, who was meditating on his porch, hears screams and sounds of panic and sees some dwarves running. He runs downstairs and tells the head priest that there is trouble outside.
The party, with the orcish cleric now joining them, rushes outside the temple to find a large horde of demons chasing some dwarven citizens, coming from the direction of the mines. The party easily dispatches the large group of pudgy child-sized demons. Suddenly, a large ogre appears, seemingly tainted with demonic energy. This monster wallops the orcish cleric and knocks her down, and then goes to target Nailo, knocking him out. By luck, the priest and priestess happen to possess a couple of crossbows, and assist in fighting. The priestess helps up the cleric and distracts the ogre while the cleric rushes to Nailo’s aid. Nailo, almost dead, decides to play it safe and back away. After a few more good hits, the ogre goes down



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