In Search of Maomer

Session 6
No Rest for the Wicked

Nailo, unable to find his way back to the city is quickly lost in the mines. Meanwhile, the rest of the party holds a funeral for Geth (2Pak crying in the corner whilst Jeffery consoles him). 2Pak whispers something in Geth’s ear (which he forgets as he soon drowns his sorrow in alcohol) and Akita gently pats Geth’s stomach. Geth is cremated after the party takes his items, and they make their way back. Luckily, they regroup with Nailo on the way.
When they arrive back at the temple they are welcomed graciously. Thr priestess Camila goes to retrieve the priest, and meanwhile the party encounter an elderly orc. After sone awkward conversations and a handful of "dearie"s, the priest is retrieved. Information is exchanged on the whereabouts of Maomer, and the family of the fallen comrade gives some gifts as thanks for returning the weapon. The priestess notices a party member is missing, and the party explains Geth’s death. Although the priest is not sure, he believes that Maomer may be the cause of some disturbances originating from an abandoned village to the northeast. The party upholds their part of the bargain and gives back the holy item, and they join together to sup.The head priest, after told about the demons and that the shadow demon was not slain, tels the party to keep quiet on these “dwarven matters”. Each member departs to their room, and the night passes without incident. At some time in the morning, Nailo, who was meditating on his porch, hears screams and sounds of panic and sees some dwarves running. He runs downstairs and tells the head priest that there is trouble outside.
The party, with the orcish cleric now joining them, rushes outside the temple to find a large horde of demons chasing some dwarven citizens, coming from the direction of the mines. The party easily dispatches the large group of pudgy child-sized demons. Suddenly, a large ogre appears, seemingly tainted with demonic energy. This monster wallops the orcish cleric and knocks her down, and then goes to target Nailo, knocking him out. By luck, the priest and priestess happen to possess a couple of crossbows, and assist in fighting. The priestess helps up the cleric and distracts the ogre while the cleric rushes to Nailo’s aid. Nailo, almost dead, decides to play it safe and back away. After a few more good hits, the ogre goes down

Session 5
A battle in the mines

The party departs into the mines in the morning, after meeting and breakfasting with Garret. Their descent into the mines takes at least half a day, and after a long while eventually Garret becomes unsure which way to go at a fork in the path. They decide to take the left path, and 2Pak hears some demons talking (saying fart jokes) and Nailo sneaks ahead. Inside the chamber, Nailo sees 5 demons, a fire, and nothing else of note. He reports back, advising to ignore the group, but the party decides to attack anyways. The combat goes without incident, until the last demon remains. 2Pak interrogated it, and finds that it (with its comprehension levels of an articulate puppy) agrees to show them its boss and the “shiny”. After a brisk walk, the party finds themselves in another,yet larger, open chamber with nothing much more than a ziggurat in the middle. 2Pak warns to progress cautiously and Geth, offended, runs up and picks up a coinlike item atop the structure. Although Nailo and another party member notice a strange mist forming behind Geth, they cannot warn Geth in time before he is punched through the heart, falling pitifully down the stairs of the structure, dead before hitting the ground. A fierce battle begins, and the party quickly realizes this Shadow Demon is resistant to any magic type they throw at it. Nailo, instead of combatting, sneaks around the demon and retrieves the coin, running away after advising 2Pak to do the same. After a party member falls and much fighting, the shadow demon escapes by climbing up the wall.

Session 4
City Life

After the party has regrouped in the city abd began to get their bearings with the help of a local guide, Orsaii is suddenly replaced by Nailo- which he explains was a mishap in the teleportation spell (The mage who had helped Nailo accidentally switched the two instead of teleporting Nailo to Orsaii).
Akita and Geth go forward to talk to one of the leaders of the local leading clans, whom along with other leaders is giving speeches. While the rest of the party waits, Nailo is introduced to the new members of the party and a small priestly woman approaches and offers them a boarding at a local temple. At this time Geth and Akita return with the news that the dwarven king is deathly ill and must decide a successor from the leader of clans. “Scribe” also appears to record each party member, but “overlooks” Nailo.
The party proceeds to follow the priestly woman towards the temple (she appears to be floating as she walks), and they meet the leader, whom welcomes them and treats for dinner and asks of their troubles. They tell him that they are searching for Maomer Brutly, and a newcomer also asks tonidentify the family of his fallen comrade’s axe. In return, the party agrees to retrieve a holy relic from a very old and abandoned mine, which was lost in a battle with powerful demons. They rest the night and prepare to depart the next day with their miner guide Garret, from the mining clan, and Geth finds the scribe rifling through his items at night. The scribe believes a dagger Geth had forgotten about in his pack is magical, and Geth allows him to take it to investigate. Nailo tries to go and scout the mines but is quickly seen by guards and sent back to the temple.

Session 3: New Allies, Ancient City [4-29-15]

The party awoke after resting outside of Gutwrench‘s cavern. They found that Na├»lo had left, leaving a note about having business elsewhere. Orsii and Geth attempted to use brute force to carry the four crates, but they found that they could take no more than one and not very easily, either. 6Pak came up with an idea of using the half-ogre’s smelly bed as a sled to transport two of the boxes down the mountain pass.

As they made their way down the mountain, a wandering warrior, Akita, stumbled upon the strange group trying to carry the crates back to Mineral Village.

[Finish summary.]

Session 2: A Gut-Wrenching Experience [4-14-15]

Having rested from their fight with the goblins, the four travelers continued up the path, leading them to a clearing and cave opening. Here they found two goblins guarding the entrance of the cave. Able to understand the ramblings of their goblin tongue, 2Pak could discern they were arguing. While distracted with chatting at one another, Nailo managed to sneak up and get the jump on the two.

As the fight began, one of the goblins shouted, gaining the attention of the beast responsible for killing the horse pulling 6Pak‘s supply cart. The creature, a worg that they later learn is named Fluffy, gives the four an opportunity to turn back before it’s too late. They try to calm him and even offer a chance for it to change sides.

However, even 2Pak’s ability to communicate with the creature was not enough to sway it to betray its master. A hard-fought battle then ensued, leading to the death of Fluffy.

A grumbling noise from within the cave called out, and with some amazing luck (and a good roll), 2Pak managed to mimic Fluffy’s voice and keep the sleepy resident inside his home. While they debated their next move, Geth removed the teeth of the worg just in case they needed proof of their actions.

Nailo then snuck inside the cave, which he fought to be most repugnant and smelling “like a gym locker room” or more poetically “farts.” Inside on a shotty bed was a slumbering half-ogre that they would soon find out called himself, fittingly, Gutwrench.

Nailo proved his family name proud in his stealthing abilities; however, strength was an issue as he tried to carry one of the crates out of the cave and accidentally dropped it. The noise awoke Gutwrench, who prepared himself for battle. The group tried to persuade him to just give up the goods, but the combination of the half-ogre’s anger at Fluffy’s death and his own greed were too great. This resulted in a quick fight where Gutwrench fell to the might of the four adventurers.

Session 1: A Human, Elf, and Dragonborn Walk into a Tavern... [4-7-15]

Three young heroes—Orsi-Dunler, a dragonborn barbarian; Galindann Nailo, an elven rogue; and Geth Helder, a human fighter—are traveling together for one purpose: get revenge against a warlock by the name of Maomer. Over fifteen years ago, Maomer ravaged Orsi’s home town, destroyed the orphanage he was staying in, and left little of the town standing in his wake.

Their travels has led them up into the Kirthar Mountains and into the small dwarven settlement of Norbarrow. Here they hope to get some rest from their weary travels as well as find some information about Maomer’s whereabouts.

They stumble upon a strange establishment by the name of The Rumpy Boar. Here they are met with strange and even a few menacing looks from the dwarven patrons. They also meet a drunken dwarven wizard by the name of 2Pak. The three ask 2Pak and his mother and father that own the establishment what they know about Maomer. Unable to supply much information, 6Pak (2Pak’s father) does tell them that he may be able to get them into the dwarven stronghold of Stonehaven, where they may know more about the warlock Maomer.

However, such a favor comes with a price. A well known dwarven brewer, 6Pak explains how a recent shipment of ingredients was hijacked. The horse was slaughtered, and something let out a wild laugh as the delivery person fled. Their mission is to find out who or what took off with the shipment and get it back. If they do, 6Pak will supply them with a writ of honor in order to allow them passage into the underground city of Stonehaven.

2Pak’s parents decide it would be best if their son led the three up into the mountains. After a night’s rest, they head out and travel along the mountain paths until they come across the smashed cart. They quickly realize that whatever did this damage must have been massive.

With a bit of smart tracking, the group follows a trail further northwest, leading into a clearing. Here they discover a small band of goblins waiting in the distance to ambush them. They manage to sneak around to where the goblins are hiding and get the jump on them. After a rough battle, they best the four goblins, take their few belongings, and take a short rest before continuing on their way.


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