Stonehaven is the largest dwarven settlement on the continent of Feldos. It is seated within the carved out confines of the Kirthar Mountains.



Currently more than 10,000 dwarves reside within the safety of Stonehaven.

The number of dwarves that live within Stonehaven has steadily grown over the years. Sticking mostly to themselves, they see the importance of continuing the family lines in order to protect Stonehaven and the prestige of their lineage.


The dwarves of Stonehaven are split among several familial clans. Some clans have existed even before the settling of the city, and others have emerged over the years as families break apart and begin anew.

The current ruler of Stonehaven is Lord Dargan of the Jadeforged Clan. He has ruled the city for nearly two decades and has started to succumb to old age and sickness.

Because of the king’s condition, the most predominant clans are vying for political power. The laws of Stonehaven state that no clan may wear the crown with successive kings. However, it is up to the outgoing King to choose his successor from those willing to rule.

Clan Structure

As stated, there are nearly 20 different clans living in Stonehaven. However, there are a total of 5 clans that truly have power. These include the following:

The Jadeforged Clan
The Greystone Clan
The Ironfist Clan
The Steelhelm Clan
The Warhammer Clan

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