A foul half-ogre known for robbing caravans and carts within the Kirthar Mountains.


Gutwrench is a half-ogre that loves taking things that do not belong to him. Recently the heroes were told about a shipment of beer-making supplies that were stolen. The trail led back to Gutwrench’s cavernous home within the Kirthar Mountains.

Gutwrench is all brawn and little brains. He likes to use his authority, bossing around a small group of goblins. He does pay them, but he uses his intimidating looks and demeanor to only have to pay them minimally.

He does show some care for his prized pet, a white worg that he affectionately calls Fluffy.

The party discovered his hideout, dispatched his guards, killed his pet Fluffy, and even tricked him into ignoring all the noise when 2Pak managed to mimic the voice of the worg. Nailo almost got out with the goods, but dropped a crate and woke the beastly man.

A fight ensued, and the heroes bested the groggy half-ogre in battle.


In Search of Maomer Muntjack